Month August 2022

Top 6 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing In India

Almost every business owner wishes to know what are the advantages of outsourcing payroll services.    Well, there are various benefits to mention in a short answer. So, below listed are six of the standout advantages of hiring this vital…

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Top HR Software Cost-Reduction Strategies

One of the largest costs that firms incur is those related to their human resources. No of the size or kind of the company, finance is a valuable but limited resource. In order to maximise profits, organisations must monitor and…

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The Pandemic Effects on Virtual Desktop Solutions

Organizations in the IT industry are investing in Virtual Desktops and servers that help reduce costs and provide additional benefits for their businesses. With these new technologies, it is easier for companies to scale and handle tasks more efficiently. However,…

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IRCTC eCatering Now Also Available On WhatsApp

IRCTC eCatering

With Zoop, an app that permits food delivery in train coaches from eateries, acting as national food aggregator under the IRCTC eCatering initiative, ordering food on trains has become simple thanks to Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). More…

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How to add Tokens in MetaMask wallet

MetaMask works with any ERC-20 standard token as a wallet and browser plugin. You’ve probably deposited ETH into your new account, explored the Metaverse, and started trading for other well-known ERC-20 tokens. As you progress down the rabbit hole, you…

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