11 Best Lead Generation Courses & Training Online By Experts [ Highest Rated ]

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Best Lead Generation Online Courses ,Training & Tutorials For Beginner to Advanced 

Do you want to learn lead generation to boost your online business sales and income?? Today, we are going to share list of  the best lead generation courses and training , You can choose according to your choice and budget. 

Here I mentioned 11 best lead generation courses according high rated by students and learners.  

Lets know about depth details above all courses. 

#1 LeadsArk :- Best Organic Lead Generation Course by Ayz Mohammad

It is my favorite training course where I learned a lot of new skills to generate online sales using social media platform. Here you can learn a lot of things to boost your business without spend money on any kind of paid ads. You don’t need to spend money on paid ads like – Google Ads, Facebook Ads , LinkedIn Ads etc.. Amazing and in depth course. Currently social media is one of the important factor in digital marketing.

It is not just the content of the course but also the delivery of the lessons by Ayz Mohammad . He made sure that the students of this course stay connected and interested in the course. The lessons were very practical in nature and can be used right away in your daily sales life.

Awesome Learning experience, Now i am able to understand better the skills required to handle prospecting new customers.

Enroll Counts:- 7500+ Students

Rating:- Highest Rate 

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2. Super Effective Social Techniques to Targeted Leads For FREE

In this course you will learn the Most Powerful Techniques To Collect High Quality Leads For Business & Target Customer To Opt-In Easily To Boost Business. This course designed by Abhishek Suwasia who is Founder of SmartyBe.

Enrolled Students : 561 +

Course Rating:- Highest Rated

This course includes:

  • 42 mins on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

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3.Local Lead Generation 101: Create Monthly Passive Income B2B  

In this course, you will learn local lead generation model.

Its a simple concept:

  1. Rank regular websites on Google

  2. Rent out the calls they get to businesses in the same city.

  3. Repeat

This is my first course taken about Rank and Rent strategy and I must say it has opened my eyes. There are snippets of good information in each of the sections that I can take away and deploy myself. This amazing course is created by Kris Kay whi is an Online Freedom Seeker.

Enrolled Counts- 7,858 + students

Course Rating:– Highest Rating

#4 Lead Generation Mill: Prospecting & Lead gen sales skills  

This course is designed to learn  how to generate great leads, ask great questions in sales & generate the right leads. This Training for who are  Entrepreneurs , Business development managers ,key account managers and sales people. This course is created by Stefan Devito who is expert in Sales skills, sales training and sales techniques.

Enrolled Counts:- 2,354+ students

Rating: Highest Rating

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#5 The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Course – Cold Email Mastery By Joshua George

Learn step by step and see exactly how I create effective cold emails campagins for B2B lead generation.

It’s a comprehensive course which has been well structured and articulated by the trainer. I have learned a lot about cold emailing frankly. Can’t wait to apply the strategies to my business & see the results.

I also want to speak about the trainer, Joshua. He has been very helpful in answering all queries I have had so far. The bloke genuinely cares & wants you to be successful.

Enrolled Counts:- 2,056 +students

Rating:- Highest Rating

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#6 Hashtags Marketing: Increase Your Lead Generation & Business By Ali Mirza

In this course you will learn A-Z guide for Hashtag marketing. Find trending hashtags & use in social media marketing campaigns for lead generation. Clear explanations and examples are given by Ali Mirza, Ideal for beginners. There are also tips and tools that professionals can use.

Enrolled Counts:  3,986 +students

Rating:  Highest Rate 

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#7 Lead Generation Machine: Cold Email B2B Sales Master Course By Patrick Dang

The course has solid, practical knowledge and is straight to the point. Top sales reps might say that it’s the basics, but I’ve worked in sales training and plenty of “seasoned veterans” don’t do the things covered in this course.

A highlight of this course is the audio quality.  Patrick’s course has well edited value and it made it a breeze to get through.

Enrolled Counts: 14,264 + students

Rating:- Highest Rate

I would highly recommend it for someone starting and wanting to learn more about cold emailing.

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#8 LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation for B2B Sales and Coaches By Gustavo Escobar Henríquez 

In this course, I learned what is all about LinkedIn lead generation, how to optimize my profile to become visible to target leads,.This course taught me to maximize the power of LinkedIn is making connections, develop and nurture my connections and turn the qualified leads to avail my services so I can generate more sales.

Enrolled Counts: 17,227 + students

Rating:- Highest Rate 

I highly recommend it to everyone that wants to learn on LinkedIn Lead Generation B2B. 

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#9 Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email | B2B & B2C By Evan Kimbrell

Create lead generation with cold email. Great for startups, business development, networking, small businesses, & more.  This is Extremely useful course for anyone new to business.

Enrolled Counts: 9,466 + students

Rating:- Higher Rate

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#10 Lead Generation Empire: The Build, Rank, and Rent Model By Kyle Adams 

The course is definitely something I would recommend if you are genuinely interested in rank and rent. You could not ask for a better tutor than Kyle. He always responds to messages in the Facebook group and shares his honest advice which again is invaluable as it can save you making costly/time wasting mistakes.

Enrolled Counts: 780+  students

Rating:- High Rate 

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#11 Top 40 Lead generation Techniques – for getting new clients By Amal Douglas 

This fantastic and top quality course is a core module of the Olympic Sprint Business Coaching programme premium online and full subscription packages. Now you can own it outright and come back to it time and time again as your business develops.

Enrolled Counts: 12 + students

Rating: High

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