10 Best Webinar Software Tools 2023 ( FREE Guide )

Choosing the right webinar software is essential for the health of your employees and customers, especially in the time of corona virus and working from home.

What is the Best Webinar Software Tool?

This list of the best webinar software tools is going to help you find out which tool is best for your business.

When considering webinar software , you should pay attention to a few factors:

  • Can you have multiple presenters?
  • Does HD video, audio and other  features like custom backgrounds?
  • Do viewers need to download a plugin?
  • How many presenters can you have at one time?
  • How many viewers can you present at a time?
  • The best webinar software makes recording, sharing and your prospects a breeze. In addition, some of the best tools have email marketing capabilities (to make sure everyone shows up), live chat, live streaming, and more.

10 Webinar Software Overview & Comparison

  1. Livestorm
  2. EasyWebinar
  3. Livewebinar
  4. Demio
  5. EverWebinar
  6. webinarjam
  7. ClickMeeting
  8. GoToWebinar
  9. Zoho Meeting
  10. WebinarNinja

1.) Livestorm

Livestorm makes it easy to create webinars in just minutes, including a beautiful registration page and personalized email sequences for reminders and follow-up of messages. 

Livestorm is used product demos, lead qualification programs, customer onboarding, HR training, internal events, video podcasts, webcasts and more.

LiveStorm features :

  • The ease of implementing consistent branding across multiple webinars with duplicate options.
  •  Reporting is detailed and simple to use, and metrics about attendance have given us significant insights into our user base.
  • Ease of on-demand and replay features are also revealed. 
  • Customer support is outstanding.
  • There is no need to install customer app / software
  • Appropriate price points 
  • Integration via Napier 
  • Simplicity of interface for team to configure webinars and manage attendees
  • Your test webinars will be available on any browser, including mobile or tablet devices.

LiveStorm price :

You get a free plan to try the platform with no day limits.

The webinar will be limited to 10 registers, 10 attendees and a 20-minute duration

Many plans Ranges – € 99 / month, € 89 / month , € 198 / month, € 178 / month € 298 / month ( includes all facilities).

I recommend this product

2.) EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is an all-in-one solution for live and automated webinars. This is a really great product.

It includes HD video, live webinars, evergreen webinars, pre-built sales funnels, multi-presenter options, chat facilities, mobile apps, a robust analytics suite and more.

Easywebinar features :

  • Automated (evergreen) webinars have sales funnels and analytics to make it a real sales machine
  • Up to 100 attendees for the original plan
  • Many presenters, screen-sharing, live chat, Q&A and some other table steak have features for great webinar software
  • Integration with some of your favorite software including Mailchimp, GetResponse and Stripe
  • 8,000 customers and counting with lots of positive reviews
  • Live and automated webinar features
  • Mobile App for free webinar

EasyWebinar Price :

EasyWebinar pricing plans start at $ 59 per month, up to 100 participants. The price goes up quickly.

Grow Your Audience & Business With Complete Webinar Solution. Get Started Now!  EasyWebinar

3.) Livewebinar

Live webinars are a cloud-based communication platform for individuals and businesses looking for innovative webinar software. No downloads or plugins required, and a platform that works on all browsers and devices, you have the freedom to do webinars anywhere, anytime.

Livewebinar features :

  • A high level of security and data privacy means the user can set room passwords or tokens, create a waiting room for participants and double encryption gives complete meeting security.
  • The platform itself is compliant with GDPR, RODO and Privacy Shield.
  • Full customizations available in white label plans and branding features are available in other plans such as applying your logo and colors to the webinar room.
  • Easy to use, works on all browsers and devices
  • No download or installation required
  • In-depth report is available
  • Possibility to set up permanent rooms or hold immediate meetings

Livewebinar Price :

The product comes in many packages :

Free 14-day trial.

PRO (from $ 14.99 / mo.), Business ($ 119.00 / mo.), Custom (cost depends on desired number of participants).

Get 20% off with annual membership purchase.

4.) Demio

It is very smart webinar software. This tool is great for beginners and for those who feel uncomfortable with clunky interfaces and multiple settings. , Demio is a very simple tool.

The software has powerful tracking options. Retargeting, tracking, or conversion pixels can be added independently to the registration page, to the thank you page, or to the webinar room.

Demio features :

  • It support all browsers and devices and not any software is required to download
  • Very easy to set up
  • Up to 15 event coordinators for the event
  • One time registration for recurring webinar series
  • Ability to offer files for download

Demio Price :

Plans starting at $ 49 per month for 50 participants. There is also a plan for $ 99 per month for 150 participants and $ 234 per month for 500 participants.

5.) EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a solution for evergreens, or automated webinars. It looks like live webinar.

With EverWebinar you can see and feel the look of the original webcast as many times as you want.

The solution is fully automated, so you can stay in a webinar room and handle chats while your pre-scheduled webinars are played .

EverWebinar features :

  • EverWebinar takes care of engagement items – room counting simulation, email reminder, real-time chat simulation and popup reminder / call-to-action.
  • Choose the “Ask a question” option instead of the regular chat that sends questions to your email.
  • Smart webinar bot that shows your proposal at the time of your selection
  • Three types of webinars: live, hybrid (prefabricated video with live chat) or automated.
  • Powerful statistics option.
  • The purchase includes a “webinar university”, which is meant to guide the production of a large how-to possible evergreen webinar.

EverWebinar price :

You can pay in 3 installments of $ 199 or pay $ 499 annually, but the most important thing is that you can try it out and get first and experience with 14 days trial with our link given below :

6.) Webinarjam

In this market opinion, webinarjam is now the simplest most responsive webinar solution on the market for those looking for a product or service through webinars.

WebinarJam is the best webinar solution to sell a product during a live webinar.

You can use webinarjams for coaching, mentoring, promoting new products, hosting Q&A with your audience, and even meeting with fans.

Webinarjam features :

  • They enable you to make popup calls-to-action during webinars so that your audience can buy easily.
  • It’s easy – it can only take 60 seconds to set up your webinar
  • Advanced chat with moderators and private messages
  • Up to 6 co-presenters shown in one screen
  • Ability to temporarily change attendee to presenter
  • Works in all browsers, OS and devices using the latest web technologies
  • Can be pushed to YouTube or Facebook Live
  • Automatically records webinars and provides a replay for attendees

Webinarjam Price :

  • Basic plan: $ 41.58 / month
  • Business plan: $ 58.25 / month
  • Premium plan: $ 83.25 / month

7.) ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a webinar platform whose main selling point is the user-friendly interface.

ClickMeeting is super friendly at providing templates for a variety of business and powerful tools for each type of polls and surveys and chat translations.

This platform can be useful for web entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses or company meetings even also international meetings.

ClickMeeting features :

  • Provide on-demand and automated webinars
  • Full switch to WebRTC + HTML5 (instead of Flash)
  • All browser-based
  • Better screen sharing
  • Audio Video
  • Event Duplicate Options
  • Rebranding feature for waiting rooms, webinar rooms, email notifications etc.
  • Translate messages
  • Waiting Room with agenda
  • You can see the number of registered users for the upcoming event and study the analytical report for all previous webinars.

ClickMeeting Price :

 Free 30-Day Trial

 Plans start at $ 25 per month , and varies according to features provide.

8.) GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a professional and proven solution that is trusted by large businesses. It is one of the oldest tools.

It is possible for participants to add a survey, create custom email invitations, confirmations and reminders with predefined templates, and monitor webinar statistics in real time.

GoToWebinar has mobile apps that can be used to manage webinars and participate in online events.

GoToWebinar features :

  • Up to 5,000 members in the room (in enterprise plan)
  • Video sharing facility
  • Reliable quality of video and audio
  • Breakout Room to Split Your Audience
  • The account holder also gets some lead management and reporting tools.

GoToWebinar Price :

 Free 7-Day Trial

 Plans for webinars start at $ 89 per month.

Pro ($ 199 / month)

Plus $ (429 / month) and also having enterprise plans.

9.) Zoho meeting

Zoho Meeting is web conferencing software that provide services video conferencing and a webinar option. Zoho Meet is easy to use for small and large businesses alike, and is best used for basic remote support, team collaboration, application-based performance, and webinars.

Zoho Meeting features :

  • We love that it runs directly on your browser, without the need to download anything – in this way attendees can join the session with just a simple click.
  • Excellent video conferencing has features such as screen sharing, moderator control (hosting secure meetings) and live chat.
  • Q&A, Voting, broadcasting messages, ability to make attendees presenters, allowing an attendee to “raise hands” and speak during webinars
  • Online recordings are available to share with your participants via links and / or via a downloadable MP4 format.
  • Option to embed your registration form on your website so that website visitors can join the meeting with just one click.

Zoho Meeting Price :

Zoho Meeting offers a free version with limited features with 2 participants , unlimited meetings and unlimited webinars.

The paid meeting version starts at $ 100 / month with 100 participants and the paid webinar edition starts at $ 19 / month for 25 participants.

10.) WebinarNinja

All-in-one webinar solution is Webinarninja.

 WebinarNinja is designed to do one thing very well.

The platform is extremely well designed, Helps you convert attendees into customers and having built-in email notifications, Easily create and customize registration pages.

Webinar Ninja Features :

  • Paid Events: Play free webinars or pay virtual summits
  • Ad Tracking: Enter Your Facebook Ad Tracking Pixel
  • Automatic and hybrid webinars: Run fully automated replays on a program, or mix live and pre-recorded elements.
  • Integration: Integrated with over 1,000 apps via Zapier
  • Multiple Presenters: There is one or multiple presenters
  • Analytics: Reporting the performance of your live webinar.
  • Not need to download any software , you can use it on any desktop or mobile device.
  • Run live, automated, series or hybrid webinars.

Webinar Price :

Starter plan is  $ 39 / month. In this,  100 live webinars participating and participants in unlimited recorded webinars.

Popular plan $ 79 / month , 300 live webinars participating.

Plus plan $ 129 / month, 500 live webinars participating and participants in unlimited recorded webinars.

Power plan $ 199 / month 1000 live webinars participating.

I personally recommend you webinarninja.

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I have a personally experienced of webinarninja and easywebinar .

They all give the best response . Although, in this article I give overlook of best 10 webinar softwares.

You can use any software from them , which fullfil your needs and lies in your budget.





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