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Camp Lejeune Compensation: Do You Have a Valid Claim?


While the US is among the environmentally-conscious nations, it hardly means Americans have never faced disasters. The country has a fair share of horror stories of oil spills, forest fires, industrial accidents, and other ecological disasters. The Camp Lejeune toxic…

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Intellectual Property Laws: You Must Aware It

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Rights Laws   In India, Intellectual property protection is covered by various laws, namely: The Copyright Act, 1957: It protects musical, dramatic,literary and artistic creations as well as cinema and sound productions. IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights. To understand about Intellectual Property Rights, it is…

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Personal Injury Claims: You Must Read

Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims THE PERSONAL INJURIES (COMPENSATION INSURANCE) ACT, 1963 THE PERSONAL INJURIES (COMPENSATION INSURANCE) ACT, 1963, extents to whole of India from 8, Oct,1963. Definition: Personal injury, is an injury to a person physically or psychologically, as a result…

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What is Pre-nuptial Agreement in India

Pre-nuptial Agreement Pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement, made between aspiring husband and wife before the commencement of marriage, it is legal in countries like Belgium, Netherland, USA, etc.  In India pre-nuptial agreement is not in existence and most of the…

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