GetKeywords Review – #1 Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

Introduction of GetKeywords –  Best Keyword Research Tool

This article explains about Getkeywords, Is it a beneficial tool for you to use it or not? Read the full article to get the answers!

There are a number of sites on the internet which can be used for keyword research like SEMrush and Ahrefs etc.

Getkeywords  is a keyword research and market analysis tool launched by Blog Bing. It is founded by Saurabh Chauhan  in 2015. He also launched more products by Blog Bing. Now we will discuss about Getkeywords. It takes data of keywords from Google Adwords, YouTube Suggest, Question Keywords, Ebay Suggest, Amazon Suggest , Deep LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and Google Suggest. For beginners, it is a great tool to find the best keywords for your niche.

getkeywords review

There are various kinds of features provided by Getkeywords. You can check these features by signing up in this keyword research tool as it provides a FREE Trial for 7 Days without entering payment information.

This tool is full of features. You can get related and question keywords here. You can also save your favorite keywords in a list here. The dashboard of this tool is very easy and a beginner can easily operate it. It will also show you the SEO difficulty. You can get keywords of any country in 60+ languages.

getkeyword- SEO Tool

It will also provide you the top locations, advertisers, questions and related keywords. It also provides you the feature to see the availability of domain for the main keyword that you are searching for.


What Are FEATURES Of GetKeywords:

Now here, I am going to mention some of its features-

This tool is used by thousands of marketers and SEO professionals across the globe. It provides 100K+ locations with special targeting of cities.


  • It is Easy To Use –

    It is easy to use. You do not have to install any software for this. Everyone can use it with ease.

  • Keywords Filter and Save List -

    As told above, it takes its data from Google. You can filter it easily by choosing related keywords, Question Keywords, Google Adwords and Google suggest etc. It also has an option to save the list of your best keywords.

  • Language Filter -

    You can find any keyword in any language. This option to select language for the keywords is an unique feature of this tool and no other tool provides you this.

  • Dashboard is Easy

    Its dashboard is very simple and easy to use for new people. You only need to enter the keyword and click on the search button then, you will be provided with all the related keywords, locations, filter, domain availability, SEO difficulties, and rankings of SERP.

  • Exact Search Volume with SEO difficulty and SERP

    You will get the exact volume of your search with the SEO difficulty and it can be used for your website. You can also filter out search volume with search engine ranking and SEO difficulty.

  • Shows Availability of Domain -

    It will also show you a keyword based availability of domain.

  • Location Filter -

    This is the only tool which provides you this feature. You can filter your location on country, state or city basis. This also gives a reason for people to use this tool.

  • Provide Real-Time Data -

    This tool has an unique feature of providing the real time data because the data, which is 2-3 months old, is not of any use as market is changing day by day. Hence, this tool also does market analysis on a daily basis.

  • Get The Advertisers Keywords- -

    If you want to know who the others, are doing ad for the same keyword as yours, you will get top advertisers too, who are doing their ads for the same targeted keyword.

  • Device Friendly -

    This tool also provides you the top devices to make your site user and device friendly so that, users don't have to wait for loading of the whole site.

Pricing & Plans of Getkeywords :-

There are 3 plans provided in this tool – Start, growth, executive and you can choose any of the above on a monthly or annual basis. You will get OFF Up to 40 % on annual basis plans. Every plan has its limit of searching keywords. I am providing here the list of plans.

Monthly Plans -


$49 / month
  • 100 Keyword Searches per day.
  • 200 SERP Searches per day.
  • Upto 1500 Keyword Suggestion.
  • Two Simultaneous Logins.


$69 / month
  • 500 Keyword Searches per day
  • 1000 SERP Searches per day.
  • Upto 1500 Keyword Suggestion.
  • 3 Simultaneous Logins.

Annual Plans (Offer - Save upto 40%) -


$24 / Month
  • 25 Keyword Searches per day.
  • 50 SERP Searches per day.
  • Upto 700 Keyword Suggestion.


$29 / Month
  • 100 Keyword Searches per day.
  • 200 SERP Searches per day.
  • Upto 1500 Keyword Suggestion.
  • Two Simultaneous Logins.


$39 / Month
  • 500 Keyword Searches per day.
  • 1000 SERP Searches per day.
  • Upto 1500 Keyword Suggestion.
  • 3 Simultaneous Logins.

These all are the plans with prices provided by Getkeywords. Every plan has a limitation on keyword search and SERP results, so take the plan carefully after considering their limitations.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-

1.) How can you see actual number of monthly searches for the keywords?

Using this Getkeywords Keyword Tool, you will be able to see the actual number of monthly searches for keywords.


2.) Can you find top keywords or questions by country or city?

Yes, this data can be found using this Getkeywords Keyword Tool.

Comparison of Getkeywords Tool-

Comparing this tool with others shows that it is comparatively easier to use and there are several unique features also which is provided by this tool only and not by any other tool. So feature wise,  it is the best tool and its user friendliness makes it higher over the other tools.


Clients Reviews -

Had a hard time finding good keywords. Ohh! shitt magic happens and then I have GetKeywords. A lot better than competitors. Believe me or not. But must try.
Utsav Chopra
(Founder & CEO, Rightclik)
GetKeywords is an essential tool for SEO / PPC - accurate, reliable and very easy to use with fantastic support provided.
Simon Rowe
(CTO & Founder at Share Talk)


GetKeywords helps to find best new thousands keywords ideas with accurate data so I Highly Recommend you to use this tool to Get The Best Keywords for Your Website, I am already using it from 2 months ago.  This tool is well recommended by these well known people also.

Start your Keyword Research journey with GetKeywords.

Getkeywords is the only keyword research tool in the universe you will ever need. 7 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required. Seriously 😎 


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