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A Complete Jaa
Lifestyle Review: All you need to Know

Earning money online is a common trend nowadays. With the emergence of the internet, earning is not limited to physical office jobs. The world of the internet is a comprehensive platform to make money through various legit techniques. From taking part in online surveys to sending referrals, you can earn money online in several ways. Several websites are there offering such different opportunities. Jaa Lifestyle is going to be another such platform to make money online. It has not been launched yet. Let’s know some details about this wonderful earning opportunity through this Jaa Lifestyle review.

What is Jaa Lifestyle?


Jaa Lifestyle

It is a newly established UK-based company that allows its members across the globe to engage actively through the affiliate business

Thus, it enables the members to share their mission of financial

freedom. It claims to provide a convenient solution for a better life with the opportunities to enjoy financial freedom. The primary mission of Jaa Lifestyle is to build up a team where globally people will be connected to it. It is a super international project available in 190 countries. In India , It is run by Indian director Johnny KV from Kerala.

Jaa Lifestyle Company Profile- 


Company Registered Number:  12752286

Website : www.jaalifestyle.com 

Company status : Active 

Head Office Address:-  One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, United Kingdom.

How does it work?

It gives you future shares worth different amounts. Initially, Jaa Lifestyle offers a sign-up bonus for joining. After that, you can earn through affiliate business chains or referral commission. The company offers multiple facilities for joining it.

Personal Ad view income:

Here, Daily you have to watch 60 international Ads on given company application.  . For each ad, you will get 0.045€. So, for 60 ads, you will get 2.74€/day. Therefore, the total monthly amount will be 82.20€/month. (1€= 85 Rs. ) And your monthly income will be 82.20€ ( Rs. 7200/- Per Month )

Daily income £2.74

Monthly £ 83.2

Yearly = €2.74×365= €1000 

💯% Daily Referral Income:

Two main steps should be followed for this. One is completing the KYC verification. And the second is 60 ad views/ day. Then, you will get an extra 100%  referral income.

Referral        Daily      (Yearly)  


1× €2.74     €2.74     €1000

2× €2.74     €5.48    €2000

5× €2.74     €13.7    €5000

10×€2.74    €27.4    €10000

20×€2.74    €54.8    €20000

50×€2.74    €137     €50000

100×€2.74  €274     €100000

1000×€2.74 €2740  €1000000

Monthly Bonus Income:

Monthly Lifestyle Bonus(MLB):


Monthly subscription  €48 will be deducted from adview income and €20 will be distributed on upto active 7th level.

       🚀If you achieve network 5×5 matrix 

then your projected income will be👇                               


 ⬇️      MEMBERS      MLB 

1☞           5×€5     _€25

2☞         25×€2     _€50   

3☞       125×€2     _€250

4☞      625×€2     _€1250

5☞      3125×€2    _€6250

6☞   15625×€3  _€46875

7☞78125 × €4 _€3125000


To receive all benefits you need to complete your personal verification(PV).


PV CHARGE = €10 

How to Register in Jaa Lifestyle?

It allows you to register for FREE and enjoy strong streams of passive earning. You can take benefits out of it and share them with your friends and families. Once you register, you can get future shares. The more people check-in, the more shares will come in our way. Also, the first 20 million people will receive free $50 worth of future shares.

All you need to do is to go for registration in Jaa Lifestyle. Here is the registration process described in detail in this Jaa Lifestyle review.

First of all, make sure that you are 18 or above it. It is mandatory to pass the age limit for registering as a member or affiliate.

How to Register in Jaa Lifestyle?

Step 1: Verify your personal information, including your full name, your username, your sponsor’s username, your email, mobile number, and date of birth.

Step 2: Choose a strong password and put it twice. The password must be a combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers, symbols.

Step 3: Accept the Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy.

Step 4: Click on “Sign Up” to submit your registration.

Step 5: A confirmation mail will be sent to you. If you do not find any mail in your inbox, log in normally

Jaa Lifestyle Review: Is it Legit?

My research on Jaa Lifestyle reveals that it is a legit website that helps build generational wealth for its community members. As per the research on it, the company is real, and the whole money-making process is entirely genuine. This complete Jaa Lifestyle review will surely guide you to know more about it. If you are still skeptical about it, continue reading the article. It will clear your doubts.

Jaa Lifestyle Legal Documents

UK Registered Company

The company will start making money through advertisements within few months. Just decide what kind of ads you prefer and download the app. It is undoubtedly an excellent way to earn money. The monthly money-making solutions ask for signing up people through your referrals. If 12 people sign up, you will receive 1000 dollars/ month. To increase it up to 50,000 dollars per year, get 50 people signing up. So, the whole process is exciting and authentic.


Benefits of Jaa Lifestyle at a Glance:

This Jaa Lifestyle review presents all of the details and shares the advantages of it. Now, let’s quickly remember the large-scale benefits of it.

  • It gives you €50 worth of free future shares once you register for free.
  • The future share is increasing gradually.
  • No country limitations for registration.
  • Free JAA Cryptocoin  worth of €20
  • Free international debit card.
  • Free Dmet account for shares holding.
  • Monthly Lifestyle Bonus- MLB (subscription based) and many other.
  • You can also get advertising bonuses of up to €1000 once a year.



1. Real Person / Share Certifications :
JAAL IFESTYLE is giving away REAL SHARES to everyone who have performed their PERSONAL VERIFICATIONS.

📈 JAALIFESTYLE is going to be listed in the London Stock Exchange.


It will be issued to all Members of JAALIFESTYLE upon completion of their

They will be recognized as SHAREHOLDERS in the PUBLIC LISTED COMPANY.


📌 NOTE :


DEBIT CARDS will be given to all MEMBERS of JAALIFESTYLE whose Account has more than 100 / – in their E-Wallet.

The ADVERTISMENT COMPANY & JAALIFESTYLE will apply for the Debit Cards respectively from their Banks.

In order to issue of the Debit Cards the ADVERTISMENT COMPANY & JAALIFESTYLE need to conduct the PERSONAL VERIFICATIONS for all their Members.

To ensure that our MEMBERS are NOT involved in MONEY LAUNDERING, TERROR FINANCING, Etc.

If our earnings are more than € 10,000.00 and above we need to do the Personal Verification so that we can submit our earnings to the Tax Department.

It will facilitate all of us to declare our INCOME being earned GENUINELY & HONESTLY.

To SECURE our ACCOUNT in JAALifestyle.

With a Personal Verification Record, the Account is RIGHTFULLY ours, and not someone else’s, so our ACCOUNT and COMMISSIONS are SAFE.

Our Advertising Partner needs to know that we are a REAL PERSON.

They need to know …. because they are selling advertisements from companies all over the world which are paying to send you good deals.

The ADVERTISMENT COMPANY will not pay the price they are paying us, if they are NOT SURE of our TRUE IDENTITY.

This is the reason why we can earn € 1,000 /Per Year.

KYC Verification DOCUMENTS Required 

1.Any one government issued id card 

Aadhar or passport or DRIVING LICENSE  or voter card 

2.Selfie or passport size photo (face should be clear) 

Only these 2 documents required for KYC verification 

After payment of 1109 directly or through voucher code..you have to upload this two documents for KYC Verification.

Note : while uploading documents it takes only image files and make sure its clear..For Aadhar you can download from website so that it will be clear and it will be in pdf format…so just take a screenshot then it will become image file.

Detailed Jaa Lifestyle Review: What’s in the future?

Considering multiple aspects, we can say that Jaa Lifestyle has a great future ahead. The share price is increasing gradually. If you sign up now, you will receive the convertible shares worth $50. You will start receiving the advertisement bonus from October 2020. It may start earlier if the Jaa Lifestyle community reaches 3 million. Now, the share price is € 0.18. Therefore, for 20 free sign-ups within ten consecutive days after your registration, you will receive a good amount of future shares. The prospective share amount will increase once the corporate is fully registered on the stock market. It is to be registered on the Luxembourg stock market. Within few months or before that, the corporate will trade the share openly.

Final Words 

So, this Jaa Lifestyle review has given you all the necessary details you require to know about it. Let’s sign up today. Start making money online by joining with a biggest group of people worldwide.

Some FAQ’s of Jaa Lifestyle Program:

Jaalifestyle is a legit Advertisement viewing platform, where anybody gets an opportunity of work from home & earn handsome earnings.

Every person who have completed his 18 years of age & having his own valid national Id proof.

It's very simple. Get the refferel link from the person, who had introduced this unique legal earning opportunity to you. Simply register yourself in Jaalifestyle with given refferel link by him.

No, to register in Jaalifestyle, is absolutely free but you need to do your KYC verification by paying 18€ (INR 2200/-) kyc verification fees once in a lifetime to Nordic like you do with your bank. Currently Jaalifestyle allows you to pay 10€ (INR 1109/-) & Jaalifestyle will deduct balance 8€ from your first month earning. After this KYC verification process, you become an active member in Jaalifestyle platform & start to earn.

Once you get your KYC verification process done successfully, you become an active member and you will be gifted with 50€ future shares & you can start to earn when Jaalifestyle will launch it's project at actual. Currently Jaalifestyle is in pre-launch status & very soon it is going to launch.

You can earn unlimited money in Jaalifestyle. Surprised? Yes, it's very true that you can decide, how much money you wish to earn in Jaalifestyle. You just need to watch only 60 advertisements on daily basis & Jaalifestyle platform pays you 2.74€ (INR 233/-) per day (monthly 84€) INR 7200/- for watching these advertisements per day.

It is very simple as that. Jaalifestyle is having a refferels program for every active member who wish to earn unlimited money through this refferels program. To earn through this refferels program you need to introduce this Jaalifestyle platform to others (like I'm introducing it today to you) & once they become active members in Jaalifestyle platform you will get 100% refferel income (INR 7200/-) per month.

Yes it's absolutely right that you would earn by them too !!! Because Jaalifestyle platform have an unique 7 levels income plan for every active member in Jaalifestyle platform. There are other many more opportunities too in Jaalifestyle platform to earn more & more money by purchasing various sponsorship packages, vouchers packages, gifted cryptos.

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