10 Best Landing Page Builder Software To Save Your Time

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The reality is that the best tool is the one that exactly matches your needs :

You are experiencing one of the following scenarios:

• You have invested in AdWords but have few results.

• New products / services you provide on your website do not generate much leads and sales

• Your website has a high bounce rate


Some things to watch out for choosing landing page builder :

  • Email service integration – Is there any integration for your email provider?
  • A / B segmentation test – If you can’t segment your landing pages, you can’t improve your conversions (best practice is just a starting point).
  • Mobile Accountability – Most platforms are now responsive, but it’s worth looking at how much control you have over mobile views.
  • Pre-made templates – The process of creating a landing page should be as easy as possible. Having a good selection of conversion-focused templates makes it easy for you to get started.
  • Traffic Limit – A lot of landing page tools charge based on the number of visitors to your pages. Others charge by the number of domains, consider what would work best for you.



Unbounce is definitely one that everyone knows.

 “Unbounce is the easiest way to create and test custom landing pages, website popups and sticky bars. Improve your post-click conversion rates and start more campaigns. “

Why you need to go with Unbounce Software ?

Unbounce features :

  • Easy user interface
  • Easy drag and drop editor
  • Friendly plugins, form creation and page design
  • Can edit pages to make them mobile-responsive
  • 100+ out of the box templates
  • WordPress integration
  • Landing pages and pop-ups can be integrated with the most popular email, CRM and analytics tools, such as MailChimp, WordPress, AWeber and more.
  • A / b test
  • Dynamic keyword insertion for SEM campaigns
  • Can add sticky headers and popups to pages
  • Can add map

Unbounce Price :

$ 74 / month for required plan. The premium plan is $ 149 / month and the enterprise plan starts at $ 399 + / month.

My self experience – I have used it for various projects within the last few months and it is still one of the best landing page builder tools out there.

Unbounce is more affordable, I give it my # 1.

Also, I remember what it was like to start. Unbounce is so simple … you will be able to create your first page in 10 minutes from now.

Enough it to say, I like the product.

Click the link and go with Unbounce :


It is also good for beginners. Instapage software is super powerful. For anyone who builds a landing page for life, it has some incredible features.

Instapage features :

  • The best user interface and easy to use
  • Direct wordpress integration
  • Easy to move content: actually drag-and-drop
  • Friendly plugins, form creation and page design
  • Can edit pages within a minute to make them mobile-responsive
  • The analytics are easy to read and lead the list export
  • 200+ out of the box templates
  • Codeless integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising and more
  • Capture takes place with forms and sends them to Mailchimp, Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier, Hubspot, GetResponse, Autopilot, AWeber and more
  • A / B testing (at higher pricing levels)
  • Dynamic keyword insertion for PPC campaigns
  • Heatmaps (at higher pricing levels)
  • Direct integration with Google Adwords, Facebook and Google Analytics
  • Ability to add custom code to pages

Instapage Price :

$ 149 / month for the basic plan – which should give you everything you need to set up and capture leads in 15 minutes. Agency and team plans start at $ 200 / month.

It takes about 2 minutes to install and has an extremely user-friendly, customizable editor, which will undoubtedly earn you more leads, cheaper.

Click the link for get 14 days instapage free trial – Try Instapage


We are big fans of their landing page tools  and it creates a range of tools for digital marketers and sales people. HubSpot is an enterprise marketing solution that has an excellent solution for creating landing pages.

Hubspot features :

  • Very Well Reviewed Customer Support
  • It is easy to move content around and do business online
  • It have plugins, form creation and page design
  • Templates are very simple
  • Easy to add video, tracking code etc.
  • Capture is in an easy format with forms
  • A / b test
  • Blog and Content Creation Tools
  • SEO and Content Strategy
  • Facebook lead advertising
  • They do everything you need to succeed in marketing – from CRM to email marketing.

Hubspot Price :

$ 50 / month for the cheapest tier that has landing page builder functionality.

 The HubSpot offer is becoming more sophisticated as their product grows and spreads across different regions.

Interested  ones ? Click here to sign up :


About: Leadpages allows you to easily create stunning opt-in campaigns that capture leads, convert customers, and integrate all your favourite digital marketing tools: from Facebook ads to e -Commerce.

Leadpages features :

  • Easy to move content: actually drag-and-drop
  • It has plugins, form creation and page design
  • Can edit pages to make them mobile-responsive
  • The user interface is clunky and purposefully outdated
  • 160+ out of the box templates
  • Unlimited mobile responsive page
  • Works with 40+ tools
  • Capture is in an easy format with forms
  • A / b test
  • Can integrate with wordpress
  • Can not easily publish pages to their own URL
  • There is very little customer support at the lowest pricing level

Leadpage Price :

$ 25 / month for standard plan, $ 48 / month professional plan and $ 199 / month for advanced plan.

This is a strong form manufacturer and definitely the cheapest option! Also, it is easy to use.

Get a free trial >> Try Leadpages


GetResponse allows you to create high-converting, mobile responsive landing pages, but is also a diverse software that offers email marketing and webinar capabilities.

GetResponse features :

  • Drag-and-drop landing page editor
  • Easy to move content
  • Built in analytics
  • Integrated with multiple platforms including AdWords, Bing, KISSmetrics and Facebook
  • Leads with capture forms and integrates them with their GetPrince email platform
  • 1,000 of stock photos and templates are available
  • A / b test
  • Add PayPal button to take payment on the fly
  • GetResponse allows you to host many things including creating landing pages, email marketing and webinars.

GetResponse Price:

$ 15 / month for email plan, $ 49 / month for pro, $ 165 / month for Max and $ 1,199 / month for enterprise.

GetResponse is a good option for marketers or business owners who are starting from big and need more than landing page builder.

Click the link for visit the website : Try GetResponse


Wishpond’s Landing Page Builder, one of its suite of marketing services, is attractive, perceptiveness and powerful.

Wishpond features :

  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • User-friendly, seamless components
  • Mobile-Responsive Pages By Default
  • The analytics are easy to read and lead the list export
  • Comprehensive pre-designed templates filtered by industry
  • A / B test.
  • Integration with other major marketing platforms, constantly updating.
  • Powerful suite of additional marketing automation and lead-generating tools including email automation, lead management, pop-ups, online forms, and contests.
  • Unlimited campaigns and visitors on any plan
  • It is also easy to use for non-developers.

Wishpond Price :

There are many price schemes in wishpond. With a starting out ‘plan with a maximum of 1500 leads is $ 49 / month.

Every plan allows you to use any main app (landing page, popup, form, email marketing, etc.), with the main differentiator being how many leads you can store in your account.

There are monthly or annual plans, and 14-day free trial on annual plans for anyone wanting a test spin.

Click the link– Try Wishpond :



 In the simplest terms, ucraft is a website builder that transforms your ideas into online realities. ucraft offers a proprietary “drag and drop” feature that makes online pages fun and easy.

Ucraft features :

  • Drag and drop the landing page editor completely as seen in this ucraft lecturer video
  • It’s easy to move content around and get the business page live (ucraft is a true website builder)
  • Form creation and page design is
  • Many simple templates
  • Landing page tool is limited in that there is no integration
  • No a / b test
  • You must host your page on a new website URL

Ucraft Price :

Ucraft cost is about  $ 8 / month and more according to plan.

Ucraft is quite inexpensive, so it may be worth a try!

Click the given link to take the advantages of Ucraft :

Visit Official Website


Best webinar software clickfunnels

ClickFunnels allows you to choose a sales funnel that is designed to sell your type of product, so that you can send traffic to the offer.

Clickfunnel features :

  • Easy to use ClickFunelines
  • Start in a few minutes with an onboarding video

It is easy to move content around and do business online

  • Has plugins, form creation and page design
  • Templates are very simple
  • Easy to add video, tracking code etc.
  • Many of the box “ClickFunnels” (templates)
  • Capture is in an easy format with forms

Clickfunnel Price :

Its prices is about $ 97 / month + and it also depend on the plan you take it so I will suggest you to visit the website by tap the link below.

Clickfunnels is a great program ! 

Click here :


ShortStack is a cool landing page builder tool with a twist. It is not traditional – it has specials for hosting content and / or events.

Shortstack features :

  • The template includes contests, giveaways, an email archive giveaways quizzes, but is limited to Collect user-generated content
  • Automate email to lead capture on page
  • You are able to create a landing page to host the competition using Instagram contests, Facebook contests, Twitter contests and more.

Shortstack Price :

Its cost is about is $ 29 / month and plus , it also further depend on the plan which you take .

If your goal is to create a contest and put it on the landing page, then by all means, this is for you.

Visit the website by Click on the link :

10.  Landing  lion

Landing Lion is also one of the best landing page builder website. It has a ability to run

unlimited A/B and multi variety tests. This will help users in experimenting with multiple variations of a landing page and sticking with the one that works.

Landing Lion features :

  • It is a drag and drop landing page builder.
  • Focuses on speed and efficiency.
  • The page builder is simple and intuitive and anyone can easily plug in and play to create a landing page, whether paid or organic.
  • All pages created through Landing Lion are fully optimized for search engines and social media. 
  • They are automatically responsive to all devices, ensuring that a template is perfectly fit for mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Landing Lion can easily add and manage multiple domains.

LandingLion Prices :

Prices for Landing Lion start at $ 29.00 per month. Landing Lion has 3 different plans –

  • Launching at $ 29.00 per month.
  • Increasing at a rate of $ 99.00 per month.
  • Scaling at $ 249.00 per month

Click the given link for go with land lion :


According to statistics, only 22% of companies are happy with their conversion rates,

Only 16% of landing pages are free from clatted navigation and building landing pages

One of the top five challenges is B2B marketers.

Also, 48% of companies say that improving online sales funnel is one of their top

Sales preferences this year.


This all are the best landing page builder , you can go with any of them which fulfil your need and lies in your budget.

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